Basic Survival Needs: Top 5 thing to help you survive

Basic Survival Needs, 10 essential survival tips

Oxygen, water, food, shelter (warmth), and self-defense are the basic human needs for survival.

• If you plan for and meet these 5 survival needs, you have a reasonable chance of surviving any scenario.

• Getting prepared can become overwhelming, but it is important to start with the basics when considering your options.

We all know that humans need food, water, and shelter to survive, but there are the actual five basic survival needs for human survival. And while some might think that these essentials are rather obvious, understanding each one in greater detail can help us better appreciate their importance and the role they play in our lives. In this blog post, we’ll review the five basic survival needs and explore how they impact us on a daily basis.


Oxygen is essential for life; without it, humans would not be able to survive. It is an odorless and colorless gas that is necessary for cell respiration and is produced by plants during photosynthesis. Oxygen helps maintain a healthy environment by providing a balance between carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and helping other organisms with respiration. It also has positive effects on our mental well-being as it helps improve focus, concentration, energy levels, and mood.


Water is another essential element of human survival; it makes up 60% of our body mass and is necessary for numerous bodily functions that keep us alive. It can also be used for various purposes such as drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking, irrigation, and more. Access to clean water sources can have positive impacts on health outcomes as well as economic development; however, it can also be dangerous if contaminated or infected with pathogens.


Food is one of the most important elements of human survival; it provides us with energy to do work as well as essential nutrients needed to maintain good health. Different types of food contain different types of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for proper body functioning; a balanced diet should include a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins (such as meat or fish), dairy products (such as milk or cheese), oils (such as olive oil or coconut oil), legumes (such as beans or lentils), nuts (such as almonds or cashews), spices (such as turmeric or ginger). Additionally, sustainable food production practices are becoming increasingly important due to their environmental benefits such as reducing carbon emissions from soil degradation and deforestation.


Shelter is an important element of human survival because it provides protection from the elements like rain or extreme temperatures. Examples of shelters include houses made from bricks/cement/wood/straw; tents made from canvas/plastic/fabric; caves formed naturally by rocks/earth; treehouses built atop trees; igloos constructed out of snow blocks; etc., depending on your context and location you may access different types of shelters than someone else does – making them even more important! Additionally many animals build shelters too in order to protect themselves from predators or climate change related issues like flooding & storms etc., so they too depend on shelter which underlines its importance even further!


Self-defence is another element of human survival which can help protect people against physical harm caused by assailants or attackers. Self-defence strategies come in many forms such as martial arts techniques like karate or judo; weapons such pepper spray or stun guns; common household items like chairs or lamps used to ward off assailants; etc., depending on the situation you need to act quickly & use whatever means available at hand so being prepared ahead with knowledge & training about self-defence tactics can help greatly in crisis situations!

The five basic necessities for human survival – oxygen, water food , shelter , and self-defence – are all essential components for daily life . Understanding how each element contributes to our overall wellbeing , quality of life , safety , security , comfort , convenience & productivity should help make things clearer . When faced with challenging circumstances , having knowledge about these basic necessities can help ensure peace & security . So stay safe & take care !

Basic survival needs are essential for safely navigating any unexpected situation. Being prepared for anything requires the careful organization of resources, from food and water to medical supplies and proper clothing. Additionally, having access to a communication device can help rapidly inform of local threats or hazardous weather occurrences. Taking the time to ensure these basics are taken care of before an incident occurs can greatly reduce stress levels during any wilderness expedition or challenging environmental circumstances. Planning ahead can help be ready for almost anything.

Remain Calm

Staying calm can be a challenging task for many, but conquering the ability to remain calm is of essential importance in achieving basic survival needs. Knowing when to take a deep breath and logically assess a situation instead of immediately acting on impulse can make all the difference in how we deal with stress, both large and small. Learning how to separate emotion from logic can help pave the way for better problem solving, even when your initial reaction isn’t one of peace and relaxation. Changing our perspective and finding ways to decrease anxiety-inducing triggers are also valuable tools that can lead to more peaceful resolutions.

Every single one of us needs the basic survival needs of food, water, clothing, and shelter in order to survive. When life throws us a curveball, it can be difficult to stay motivated and the pressure can sometimes take away our will to go on. Despite this, we must never give up and remain focused on success. Even when enduring challenging times in life, we need to remember that focusing on those basic survival needs is crucial for our progress and well-being. That might mean applying for that job or taking a few minutes each day to read something inspiring from a favorite book or article. Maintaining a positive outlook is key, even if you stumble; pick yourself back up with renewed vigor and determination so you don’t give up on your dreams!

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