12 Types of Machetes

Types of Machetes

When it comes to getting the job done, there’s no better tool than a machete. Whether you’re hacking through dense jungle foliage or splitting coconuts, a machete is an invaluable addition to your toolkit. But not all machetes are created equal; different types of machetes are designed for different tasks and terrain. Here are some of the most popular types of machetes so that you can get the perfect tool for any job:

Barong Machetes

Barong machetes are a popular type of machete renowned for its distinctive leaf-shaped blade and signature distal taper. Characterized by the sharp, downward pointing blade tip and long cutting edge, barong machetes are favored by professional cutters and serious gardeners alike as both a utility and an agricultural tool. These versatile blades come in two main types – straight edged models that focus on chopping power, and an asymmetrical profile that is conducive to push cutting and slicing. Whichever style you choose, these workhorses offer excellent strength versus weight ratio along with easy maneuverability, making them perfect for tough tasks such as clearing dense vegetation, bush crafting or for use around the farm.

Billhook Machetes

The billhook machete is an indispensable tool for any outdoors enthusiast or survivalist. This unique type of machete features a curved blade, with the front edge being sharp for chopping and the rear edge being used for cutting away weeds and brush. It offers excellent control when slicing through vegetation and can be effective in tackling even the toughest jungle and bush terrain. The billhook machete comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from short models that can be used as everyday tools up to larger types suitable for taking on more intense cutting jobs. Most models also come with tough handles designed to provide leverage while preserving your hands from slipping during use; perfect for those who take their outdoor pursuits seriously!

Bolo Machetes

Bolo machetes – named for the Filipino bolo knife, which is similar in shape and design – are one of the most versatile machete types, suitable for a variety of tasks. They are sharp on one side and have either a hooked or spiked tip or an edged tail on the other end. With its prominent beveling and heavier weight, bolo machetes come in a variety of sizes ranging from 10 to 18 inches long. Ideal for clearing dense vegetation with thick stems, these machetes are also great for cutting down live trees, chopping firewood splitters, as well as constructing blinds or shelters when needed. In addition to gardening maintenance and building campsites, they can also be useful tools in self-defense against wild animals. Bolo machetes come in different styles specifically designed for different tasks making them multi-functional instruments that no outdoorsman should pass up.

Types of Machetes
Types of Machetes

Bowie Machetes

Bowie Machetes are a type of machete that feature an upswept blade and a clip at the end. They are popular amongst outdoorsmen for tasks such as clearing fields, brush and dense underbrush. They are also popular for campers, hunters and fishermen who need to clear their way to a pond or stream. Bowie Machetes come in many different varieties with traditional models coming from India and Mexico, often made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Modern variations include combat grade machetes that are fashioned out of lighter materials including aluminum-titanium alloys or state-of-the-art polymer composites. No matter which Bowie Machete you choose, they offer better control when chopping through both vegetation and small trees than other types of machetes. Its unique shape gives it distinct characteristics unlike any other tool making it one of the essential tools for every outdoor enthusiast’s set kit.

Bush Machetes

Bush machetes are a versatile tool that have been used for centuries as a general utility tool, from gardening to farming. Types of bush machetes can vary significantly depending on their intended use. Most commonly, there are two types of bush machetes – a normal profile and a curved profile. Both are typically made from high-grade carbon steel, which is ideal for clearing vegetation, but some variations may include stainless steel machete blades for your specialized needs. Bush machetes offer the perfect combination of durability and strength for virtually any outdoor task. Whether you’re in the garden or slashing through dense foliage in the wilderness, this versatile tool will help you get the job done quickly and with ease!

Cane Machetes

With its curved blade, a machete is a powerful tool used around the world for many purposes ranging from farming and gardening to hunting, and even self-protection. Cane machetes are among the most popular varieties due to their lightweight and sturdy features that make them perfect for cutting light brush or clearing away tall grass. They’re also incredibly easy to wield and come in various styles including variants with notched blades as well as options that feature crosscut saw teeth. Individuals looking for more heft may opt for thicker machetes crafted out of heavier materials such as carbon steel, while connoisseurs of style may prefer machetes with ornamental handles made of wood or leather. Unfortunately, those working in hostile environments should skip the cane machete due to their limited strength. No matter what sort of task needs tackling, there’s sure to be a machete out there that will do the job just right!

Colima Machetes

Colima Machetes offer a top-notch selection of machetes to suit any job you may have. Whether it’s farming, gardening, camping, or clearing brush and weeds, Colima Machetes have the right tool for the job. Types of machetes include clearing machetes, full tang machetes, walking machetes, and draw-point machetes. Created with hardened steel blended with high-carbon steel blades, these machetes are designed to be razor-sharp and will stay that way for many years to come. With Colima Machetes, you never have to worry about your tools breaking down on you in the middle of a job again!

Hawkbill Machetes

Hawkbill machetes are one of many types of machetes available. Specifically designed with a curved blade, these machetes are unique in that the tip is pointed, making them excellent for digging and cutting roots and brush. These machetes also make an efficient cutting tool for pruning branches and vines – 2 tasks easily avoided by generic models or other types of machetes. With their curved blades, hawkbill machetes should be used in a sawing motion as opposed to thrusting – this technique utilizes the strength of their narrow curve to provide more powerful strokes suited to heavier material tasks like splitting branches or even hacking through hard soil or ice. Whether you’re gardening, splitting timber, clearing vegetation or anything else involving heavy cutting jobs, it’s worth having a Hawkbill machete at the ready.


Kukri machetes have become increasingly popular in the past few years due to their versatility and effectiveness. A Kukri machete is recognizable by its curve of about 10-20 degrees, with a convex edge ranging from 6 inches to 2 feet in length. It is available in two main types: straight and slanted, both of which can be used for chopping vegetation or clearing brush. This machete is especially effective in dense foliage due to its shape as it allows for quick, efficient cutting without getting snagged on branches or other growth. It also has the added benefit of being lightweight and easy to wield due to its curved design, making it a great tool for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and bushcraft. With a Kukri machete you can make short work of any task that calls for a blade so if you’re looking for an all-purpose tool with plenty of utility there’s no better choice than this iconic blade!

Panga Machetes

Panga machetes are a type of machete used in different parts of the world that feature a curved blade. The curved shape allows it to be ideal for clearing and slashing foliage. They are also effective at chopping and whittling, making them practical for use in agricultural and forestry settings. The blades come in various sizes, ranging from 12 inches to over 28 inches in length making them great for tasks both large and small. Their sharp design makes them excellent for splitting thorns and hardy sacks, as well as performing precision work such as shaving bark off trees for carving or other artistic purposes. Panga machetes are perfect tools for any situation where you need reliable cutting power.

Parang Machetes

Parang machetes are a type of tool found in different parts of the world that can be used for various jobs including clearing fallen trees, brush, and overgrown vegetation. This style of cutting tool has a distinct curved blade with either one or two points at its end. This shape is popular with users looking to do heavy-duty work outdoors since the upward curve provides extra leverage when chopping. Parang machetes come in a variety of sizes and materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, wood handles, and natural fiber wraps for superior grip and comfort. They can also be used to cut small branches from trees or shrubs to clear pathways in the woods. These types of machetes make excellent multi-use tools for gardeners, foresters, survival enthusiasts, or anyone looking for an efficient way to handle roadside cleanup like trimming hedges or mowing grass.

Weighted/Heavy Machetes

Machetes come in a variety of styles, from standard to weighted. Weighted machetes are typically heavier than their standard counterparts, providing users with additional power and strength when cutting through tough places like jungles or thickets. When using a heavy machete for chopping, the extra weight puts more force behind each swing, resulting in noticeable decreases in effort and time required to complete the job. With that said, a weighted machete can take some getting used to since they are not as agile as their lighter counterparts and require some adjustments in technique. All in all, investing in a quality weighted machete can be beneficial if you frequently need to cut through heavier vegetation.


Machete, the long, broad-bladed knife, is believed to have originated in Spain in the 16th century. It is an essential tool used for agriculture and woodcutting around the world ever since. Different regions adapted different types of machetes to suit their local needs; while Nigeria’s bolo machetes feature asymmetrical blades specifically meant for harvesting crops, curved and narrow scalpels are popular in Central America as they were originally intended for both cutting sugarcane and self-defense. In recent years, machete knives with sawtooth edges have become commonplace – perfect for those looking to do basic gardening tasks or even more demanding outdoor jobs. Whether one needs to hack through thick underbrush or divide logs, the machetes offer many options to suit virtually any task needed. Today, this utilitarian tool is sought after by adventurers and outdoorsmen everywhere!

No matter what type of machete one is looking for, the good news is that there are plenty of varieties to choose from. From short-bladed machetes perfect for clearing and whittling, to heavy-duty ones ideal for tough jobs in the field and forest – all with different shapes, sizes and materials – it would be difficult not to find a machete that’s just right for various uses. Whether one is a professional farmer or weekend woodcutter, chances are they can find a machete that suits their needs perfectly!

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